Adhering to the corporate mission of "admirable service, joyful living", and led by the concept of "being virtuous while seeking growth", we are committed to long-term value creation, choosing to do the right thing even if it’s difficult. We have long been dedicated to facilitating the transformation of the industry infrastructure, improving service efficiency through technological innovation, and empowering the professional growth of service providers to offer a better living experience to consumers. 

At the end of 2021, Beike announced the “One Body & Two Wings” strategic upgrade, with “One Body” being the existing and new home transaction services, which refers to the core of property transactions. “Two Wings” refer to home renovation and furnishing business and home rental business. The “One Body & Two Wings” is the strategic framework and long-term layout for the Company's future development, providing a comprehensive, forward-looking, and vigorous driving force for the Company's business value , social responsibility, and environmental sustainability. In 2022, Beike duplicated and expanded the capabilities of quality services and digital efficiency enhancement accumulated in the “One Body” business to the “Two Wings” business, empowering the “Two Wings” business system with the concepts of standardization, digitization, and sustainability. The “One Body & Two Wings” business has efficiently collaborated, achieving iterative evolution, efficiency improvement, and quality upgrading of the entire business line, contributing to achieving the goal of “joyful living”.

Environmental Sustainability

Green Services: We continue to explore the application of technology in our business model and develop VR-based property viewing applications and online paperless transactions to reduce carbon footprint, lower resource consumption, and create conditions for agents to provide green services while improving operational efficiency through technology. In 2022, through various paperless online transaction services, Beike saved more than 68 million sheets of paper in the year.

Green Stores: Beike fully recognizes the importance of store-level energy conservation and emission reduction to the Company's green development. Based on the actual business situation in various provinces and cities across the country, our branch offices have developed special environmental management systems. We continuously promoted energy-saving management for store operation, remotely managed in-store electrical equipment in some stores nationwide by installing the intelligent control system and terminal control scripts, aiming to accurately track the stores’ electricity consumption level in real-time and reduce the electricity of unnecessary equipment. 

Social Responsibility

Authentic Property Listings: Our authentic property listings commitment has achieved 100% platform coverage for 12 years in a row, and the authenticity rate has been maintained at over 95% for a long time.  

Service Quality: Taking into account multiple business scenarios including housing transactions, home renovation and furnishing, and home rental, we have built a sound quality assurance system that empowered quality upgrades with technology, accelerated professional transformation of various types of service providers and provided consumers with high-quality service experiences. 

Talent Development: Employees are the most valued resources at Beike. We advocate diverse and inclusive corporate culture, fully safeguard the rights and interests of employees, improve the employee compensation and benefits system, continuously build a healthy and safe work environment, provide professional development opportunities and resources for employee development, promote talents’ development in the housing industry, and strive to become the best partner in employees’ career advancement. 

Community Engagement: Beike continuously pursues a win-win situation between corporate’s social value and commercial value, and believes that the integration of industrial advantages and community welfare is the right direction for the efficient community development and an important way to improve the competitiveness of our stores. At the same time, Beike calls on agents from our platform to participate in community public welfare activities, provide help to the community within their capabilities, and strive to create a healthy public welfare atmosphere in the real estate brokerage industry.

Corporate Governance

ESG Governance Structure: We have integrated ESG governance into our corporate governance structure, covering the Board, professional Board Committees, the management and executive levels, so as to better implement our ESG philosophy and strategy, enhance the overall ESG performance, and promote harmonious and win-win development with stakeholders, thereby achieving our medium- and long-term strategic goals.

Management Responsibility Clarification: In 2022, Beike formulated the management policies including issues on employee rights protection, environmental protection and occupational health and safety, aiming to clarify the management responsibility of the Company on ESG related issues and improve the management transparency.

Business Ethics: Compliance operation is the foundation for the sustainable development of the Company. Ever since our establishment, Beike has adhered to our core philosophy of “business for good”. We conduct our operations in strict accordance with all relevant laws and regulations, while continuously striving to enhance our compliance framework and implement effective control measures. Our efforts encompass a wide range of areas, including information security and privacy protection, business ethics, intellectual property rights, advertising standards, and supplier management. Leveraging the power of digitalization, we’re committed to driving sustainable growth within our industry.


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